Dayah Jeumala Amal

Dayah Jeumala Amal has the reputation of being one of the premiere moden pesantren in Indonesia. It is the only pesantren to receive ISO quality certification. There hosted me for one week in March along with my colleage, Senior Fellow Dr. Liz England. The school provided us with accommodations and all of our meals during the entire stay. They were extremely generous hosts, and we came away learning more about teaching in this context than we probably taught them.

During that week Liz and I led a 3 day teacher workshop, followed by a 2 day cultural workshop for the students. The week was capped off with presentations by study abroad alumni from the United States, Germany, Australia, and Egypt.

45 teachers attend our workshop, 80 students attend the cultural training, and 200 students attend the alumni presentations.

Our host, Pak Ham, helping students write about their lives in the dayah.577157_474139942651391_82183993_n

The students received certificates for their participation the cultural training.188887_474140179318034_1648857066_n

Liz in her hijab discussing American culture with boys in the peci.549188_474139569318095_286665564_n

The female teachers at the school


The male teachers


Liz leading a discussion on classroom management and seating arrangement541581_474138612651524_1772018070_n

Teachers playing BINGO during a session on having fun in the classroom72618_474138742651511_1922691313_n

The male teachers are playing Taboo


We also played Memory/Concentration


Here are some pictures from the alumni presentations.DSC_1965






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